About Us

The Lionheart One Loft Race is owned and ran by John Mowbray.


John is 34 and I live in Shilbottle around 3 miles from Alnwick in the heart of Northumberland.


I’ve been involved in pigeon racing from the age of about 7 but really took a firm roll in the sport when I returned from the army at 25. I’ve always flown with my Dad “Big John” a full apprenticeship you could say and now with the partnership changing due to my dads health I’ve decent to take the plunge into One Loft Racing. It’s been a dream of mine to do this for a few years now. 


In our partnership Mowbray, Son and Allan I did play a role within old bird racing mainly concentrating on the hens but my main job was to run the young bird loft. I created my own young bird system and have adapted my Darkness system to where I get the birds perfect all the way throughout the season.


The last two seasons we’ve had 29 x 1sts as a partnership as well as plenty other positions improving all of the time.


My vision is to create the perfect loft environment for young birds, keep them healthy and education is paramount. A lot of roadwork when they are ready they will be trained as I would train my own young bird team.